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Hello, my name is Kyra Vivienne Star.

I am a healer and a teacher who believes the power of love compassion and forgiveness of ourselves and others will help the planet to heal.

As a child, I was always naturally heart centered and intuitive, deeply connected to the world of nature and spirit. I was also tuned into my grandmother, a medium, who inspired me to develop the healing gifts I was born with.

I began to meditate, practice yoga, and experiment providing hands on healing (Reiki) for fellow students and friends.I was in need of healing myself and sought out healers and techniques from around the USA and Canada.

When 9/11 struck, I was living in New York City, 2  blocks from the World Trade Centre. When the second building was hit we were in a car just 4 blocks away, my friend saw the plane hit, I felt energy run up my chakra’s that created a much needed shift clear knowing and purpose to my life.I should say then my human condition kicked in and I felt the terror and suffered from panic attacks.I then looked for tools that could help me n my journey.I found them and this has lead me to do this work .

The experience was also my second conscious experience of seeing Angels. And I wanted to know more about them. I came across the book, The Lightworker’s Way: Awakening Your Spiritual Power to Know and Heal, by Doreen Virtue from a friend.After reading it, I was so excited I sought out a seminar with Doreen .I listened eagerly to her lessons, remembering my first experience with Angels, hearing angelic music in a Miami restaurant. It was the most beautiful music I’d ever heard! It was a familiar energy of spirit I had known all of my life,but had pushed away in order to fit in.

With Doreen, I felt so in my element no longer afraid of hiding the gifts that in the past made me feel different. Finally, the student was ready and I’d found the teacher that put the pieces of a life time of spirit messages and teachings together.

Today I’m an Angel Therapy Practitioner® (ATP) and Angel Therapy Mediumship®. In addition, I’ve completed the advanced training for ATP, all three courses facilitated by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. in person I also had a personal 3rd eye clearing by Doreen. I also specialize in Chakra wisdom and clearing.I also do platform mediumship and private readings.

It is my passion and joy to help others release the fears that cripple them, awakening them to the miracles of everyday life.

May you be filled with the love and grace of Spirit.

Kyra V. Star


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