Angelic Therapy

Angelic Therapy

The Angels are like arms from God that reach out to help and hug us.  The only requirement is we need to ask them and give them permission to help us. Never worry that you are taking the angels away from anyone else. They can be simultaneously everywhere.  The only time they will intervene is if it is not our time to go. Just know that Angels are non-denominational beings. You don’t have to change your religious beliefs to call upon these heavenly beings.


I work with my Angels who talk with your Angels to give you guidance or confirmation of what you may already have awareness of. The session is private and confidential  face-to-face or via the telephone. The sessions provide plenty of opportunity for you to ask questions of your angels. In response to the angels and your individual needs, I will use different healing modalities that I have been trained to use to help you release old patterns of fear. I will help you understand a Past Life if you so desire, which can help you understand the relationships you are in. I always ask your permission so you may follow your own heart in the way that’s best for you and your healing. This is also an opportunity for you to learn to use Angelic Therapy on yourself. I ask that you come with an open heart and a willing mind.  It’s my joy and love to do this work.

If you would like a follow up session to your reading or healing it may be done  via skype,over the phone.


Kyra is a warm, caring medium. She brings a light touch to her work.  She is fun and effective. Her angelic therapy is fabulous and helped me to move some old energy out of my body. Before the therapy I had a burning pain in my mid-chest for about a week but after she listened to me and told me what to do, I felt immediately better and have not had any burning since. –Nina Darrell, Riverside Glen Retreat and Yoga Centre.

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