Energetic healing with the Angels

Energetic Healing Session

Energy healing is a gentle, yet powerful hands on healing  therapy. This therapy works to bring the body into balance, affecting the body -mind-spirit connection, creating a healing on all levels. I always call in the Angels and will show you healing technique’s you can do on your self  at home .

Universal Life Force Energy flows in and around us and do the Angels upon our requests. This nourishes the organs and cells of our body. When this energy is disrupted, it causes energetic blockages in our physical bodys. Leaving it vulnerable to illness to dis-ease.

During a treatment, the client remains fully clothed. I places my hands lightly or just above the body, extending the  energy to the clients energy centers to remove blocks. I always ask you permission to come to that area of the body. Leaving you in control of your own healing..

The treatments may feel warmth, tingling and a calming radiance that flows through and around you. You will experience feelings of peace, serenity and well being.

Receiving a energy treatment will not interfere or replace traditional medical care but can enhance other medical treatments.

Sessions are at my home in a relaxing environment.
Sessions  may be done via skype over the phone or in my home.

Kyra Star is a natural healer with many gifts. My first experience with her healing energy was a Reiki session, the power of which blew me away. Her talent combined with her kindness and sensitivity made it a pleasure to be in her presence. I have since had an angel medium reading with her where she helped me connect with my father and grandmother, who have passed, in a very loving way. I especially appreciated Kyra’s concern that I have a meaningful experience. After both sessions, I left feeling renewed, awakened, and reconnected. I highly recommend Kyra Star as an intuitive medium, angel therapist, Energy practitioner, and yoga instructor! –Karen Derham

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