Yoga Sessions

Yoga Sessions

I am a certified yoga instuctor, trained in Asheville N.C. at the Asheville Yoga Center, and in N.Y. at Yoga Zone, now called Be Yoga. I combine my yoga trainings into something called Flow Yoga. I enjoy teaching people for their own unique journeys and to be in touch with the light within themselves.

A meditation or Angelic Therapy can be included at the end of class if so desired. This is a personal journey. I am both the student and the teacher, as I believe we all are.

A class can be designed for you and your friends. Remember it’s not about a flexible body, but as much about accepting yourself and being flexible in your mind and experiencing your spirit. Love and joy are here for us all to experience. Yes suffering is part of our human expriece, but it does not have to define your whole life. It’s so much more than your physical being.

A private or group setting in your home

$80 for 60 minutes In-Person
$40 for 60 minutes via Skype

Special yoga rates apply for series of classes
please contact me

Payment may be done via Paypal, cash or a direct deposit.

Come and feel the calming effects of yoga. Beneficial for the body, mind, and spirit.

Yoga Payment

In Person or Skype

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