Kyra is a warm, caring medium. She brings a light touch to her work. She is fun and effective. Her divine angelic healing is fabulous and helped me to move some old energy out of my body. Before the therapy I had a burning pain in my mid-chest for about a week but after she listened to me and told me what to do, I felt immediately better and have not had any burning since. —Nina Darrell, Riverside Glen Retreat and Yoga Centre

I could hardly get out of bed with a stiff back. Kyra with her energy angel healing, in two sessions cleared it up. I felt it move out of my legs and then had a wonderful feeling of floating. Thank you. —Jo Jo H.

Kyra has a calm, reflective quality which enables her to have great insight into her client’s needs. —Linda R.

Kyra is without a doubt a conduit for the flowing of energy.  From her guided meditations to her hands-on therapy, I’ve had the fortunate opportunity of experiencing the benefits of her mediumship.  While such benefits are indeed challenging to describe through words alone, and are undoubtedly unique to everyone, my personal experiences with Kyra can be best described as an opening to and receiving of benevolent energies.  This flowing of energies repeatedly leaves me feeling deeply peaceful, fulfilled, and satisfied.  Thank you Kyra for the work you do; it has truly made a difference in my life. It is my sincere desire that others experience the same.  –Susan

Kyra Star is a natural healer with many gifts.  My first experience with her healing energy was a Reiki session, the power of which blew me away.  Her talent combined with her kindness and sensitivity made it a pleasure to be in her presence.  I have since had an angel medium reading with her where she helped me connect with my father and grandmother, who have passed, in a very loving way.  I especially appreciated Kyra’s concern that I have a meaningful experience.  After both sessions, I left feeling renewed, awakened, and reconnected.  I highly recommend Kyra Star as an intuitive medium, angel therapist, Energy practitioner, and yoga instructor! —Karen Derham

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